Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 11/15/14: VANDAL DAY Breakfast, High Fiving JOE VANDAL!!!, VANDAL DAY Post-Game Dinner

VANDAL DAY!!!! for Carol, Paul, Kai, Molly, Christy, Everett, and yours truly -- LET'S GO IDAHO!!!!

1.  Carol, Paul, and I started VANDAL DAY off just right by picking up Kai and Molly in Coeur d'Alene and having a hearty breakfast at La Peep at Riverstone where by merely saying the title of Herman Melville's finest novel, I made our server laugh for the entirety of our time at the restaurant. I can't really recreate the moment, but, trust me, I may have never said the words Moby Dick with better timing or in such a surprising way.

2.  I have a very difficult decision to make.  Before the Vandals' game, I high fived Joe Vandal. Should I ever wash my right hand again?

3.  The Vandals played a lousy game giving up big plays, failing to cash in on Troy State's turnovers, and never really getting anything going on offense or defense.  But the band was fantastic, especially the premier cymbal player, niece Cosette.  BUT, postgame was awesome:  we all met up with Walter, Elinor, Terri, Kenton, and Gerri for a fab dinner at Lamadrid Mexican Restaurant.  The conversations were golden, punctuated with hearty laughter and suffused with the warmth of friends all enjoying each other.

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