Monday, November 24, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 11/23/14: Commode Convos, I Miss the Deke, Sunday Steak Dinner

1.  Mom and I continued our discussion of toilets and risers.  I dove into the World Wide Web, researching toilet styles and sizes, but I'd much rather do my investigation in actual brick and mortar stores.  Such investigation will happen -- but possibly later than sooner with luncheons on the calendar on Monday and Tuesday and a trip planned for Thanksgiving.   For those of you keeping track, Mom already has a tall toilet, but she'd like one that's even taller and elongated.  She also has a riser, but would like one with arms.

2.  It had been a while since the Deke and I talked.  Today we had an excellent email exchange with a follow up phone call.  I enjoyed getting caught up on some things and trying to work out some other stuff.  I must say, though, I sure enjoy talking more in person than on the phone, but our current situation is what it is.  Anyone have a teletransporter you aren't using and that I could borrow?

3.  My kitchen takeover continues.  Here's what Mom does:  when chops, roasts, steaks, legs, wings, and other cuts of meat go on sale, she buys some and freezes them.  We are working our way through the freezer.  This morning, Mom pulled out a couple of sirloin steaks and I fried some potatoes, heated up a can of Western Family whole corn kernels, and made a cabbage salad that included chopped up turnips, green onions, and radishes left over from the vegetable plate we had last week. Mom baked a couple of baguettes.  The bread was a splendid addition to our steak dinner.

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