Saturday, November 29, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 11/28/14: Inward Peace, Online Blowout, Zags Snag Mom

1.  I achieved a sliver of inward peace by buying my return ticket to Baltimore and reserving a car for my trip to Portland this coming Wednesday and paying some bills.  It was not exactly a Black Friday blowout, just getting things done.

2.  The Black Friday Blowout occurred at Christy's dining table as she snapped open her laptop, joined forces with Mom to create a coupon pile, and they worked together to make about 10,000 Christmas purchases online and last I heard, they had save 450, 000 dollars.  Not bad.

3.  I think Mom had a conversion experience this afternoon as the Gonzaga/St. John's tightened up and she got emotionally involved with high hopes that the Zags would hang on in the game's last minute and win.  And they did!  Mom wondered when the next game would be on TV.  She might have Zag fever.  She just might be joining Zag Nation.  She definitely finds Kevin Pangos, and I quote her, "cute".  Go Zags!

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