Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 11/14/15: Guinness Blonde and Fernan Lake, Capone's Satisfies, Lux at Enoteca

1.  I drove over to the Byrdman's and he greeted me in front of the house with a couple of Guinness Blonde American Lager beers and we jumped in his limo and took a drive to Fernan Lake and enjoyed the cold smooth easy taste of this first beer in the Guinness Discovery series.  For me, it was a great discovery.

2.  Up to this point, I have not yet discovered a bar/restaurant in the Greenbelt, MD area that has the beer selection and atmosphere similar to the places I most enjoy in North Idaho or in Eugene.  With that in mind, I told Byrdman I'd like to have lunch at Capone's in Coeur d'Alene and I fully enjoyed being in a familiar place where I could enjoy a Ninkasi Total Domination IPA and a Pastrami French Dip and fries.  Byrdman and I continued the great breezed shooting we started on Fernan Lake and had a superb lunch.

3.  Byrdman and I went out to Post Falls to try out a new brewery, Downdraft, but it was closed. Nearby was a taproom called Enoteca and we enjoyed a pint of Lux, a very fine Helles Lager from Ninkasi and, even more, we enjoyed talking with the woman who served our beer.  Byrdman had played ball with her dad years ago and it turned out she knew all kinds of people familiar to both Byrdman and me.  It was her first day on the job and I'd like to think a couple of fine gents like Byrdman and me helped her get off to a good start at Enoteca Fine Wine and Beer.

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