Sunday, November 2, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 11/01/14: Morning with David and Olivia, The Long Way Home, Shopping Spree -- Heh

1.  Olivia and David woke and went straight to their Legos, the huge kind, and before they had eaten a bite of breakfast built towers and trucks and played together, picking up where they left off when they went to bed.  Once at her bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios, Olivia opened up to me in ways she hasn't before and described the school work Molly has hung on the kitchen wall.

2.  I decided to try a new route driving from Groveton to Greenbelt and I messed it up and drove into D. C.  Once there, utility work on New York Avenue NE clogged traffic to a near standstill, but at least I learned that New York Avenue NE is Route 50 and I know where Route 50 goes heading east, so I didn't sweat my error and eventually I got to the Baltimore Washington Parkway -- exactly where I wanted to be originally.  The time I spend reading maps and paying attention to signs and routes while driving, because I don't have GPS, paid off and, yes, my drive to Greenbelt wasn't very efficient, but I learned a lot and I'm none the worse for it.

3.  Today might have been my last spending spree -- well, at least, for me, a spending spree -- for a while.  I'm not one who shops very often, but I went to the Arundel Mills Costco store and bought a vacuum cleaner, a pair of pillows for the king bed, and a couple of bath towels and then I came back to Greenbelt and picked up a couple of camera related items at Staples and went across the street to Target and bought a 2 quart saucepan, a Corningware casserole dish, and a box of five Pyrex storage containers.  For those of you who shop until you drop, this might seem pretty minor, but buying this many items in a single day is way out of character for me -- I think I'll be okay.

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