Friday, November 21, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 11/20/14: I'm Not Bill Murray, Golden Days of Game Shows, Uncle Chub and Uncle Red

1. It happened again.   "Is that Bill Murray?" I heard one kid ask another from close to the Spartacus machine near the men's restroom I just walked out of at the Coeur d'Alene Casino. I stopped.  I wished so badly I could have done an on-the-spot-spot-on impression of Bill Murray, but it's not in my minuscule repertoire.   I said, "Sorry, no" and smiled as one of the kids said, "Dude, you look just like him."  Killer.

2.  One of the things that's fun about going an occasional free association tour is to unearth junk like episodes from "What's My Line?" or to look at a pilot of a show that never aired, called "What's the Law?"  I am reminded of television figures I had long forgotten about.  Henry Morgan.  Barry Nelson.  Wally Bruner.  Arlene Francis.  Soupy Sales.  Dorothy Kilgallen. I even got to relive the ineffable charm of John Charles Daly, the legendary host of "What's My Line?"  What will I look at next?  Footage of Garry Moore? Bud Collyer?  Bill Cullen? Jack Narz?

3.  I found out today that longtime friend Rick Taylor has a fascinating family tree which includes the mind-boggling fact that if he were to walk into the YMCA today and shoot around with Y-Ball legends Chub and Red Taylor, he would refer to them as Uncle Chub and Uncle Red.  I had no idea.

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