Monday, November 17, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 11/11/14: Slipcover, J. C. Penney Happy Dance, Hair Cut

1.  Mom took some time this morning to gather her ads and coupons and we headed to Coeur d'Alene. First stop: Target and Mom bought a wine-colored slipcover (at a HUGE discount) for the TV room couch.

2.  Next up:  J. C. Penney.  I had two 25 buck gift cards and Mom had a 10 buck coupon, and 10% off coupon, and she got 20% off for using her charge card.  I used my gift cards and the help of Mom's coupons to buy two pairs of jeans and Mom bought me two pairs of pajama pants (a.k.a. limousines for the legs).  She bought herself some other things and she saved, if I remember correctly, about 31,000 dollars. I then got to see her fling her cane across the J. C. Penney parking lot and dazzle shoppers leaving and returning to their cars with her energetic J. C. Penney happy dance.

3.  I had a great time talking with the woman in the J. C. Penney salon who shampooed and cut my hair and I think getting an inch and a half lopped off makes me more tolerable company for Mom -- she had made it clear to me last week that "I like it better when your hair is shorter".

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