Monday, November 17, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 11/09/14: Casino Floor Coffee, Divine Licorice, Early to Bed

1.  I went down to the casino floor at 7 a.m. to start drinking coffee and Ed was at it, racking up the dollars at an ancient Egypt themed machine.  I marveled at his good luck.  He didn't, however, inspire me to try my luck again, and I stuck around to shoot the breeze and before long Mike and Jake appeared and we slowly made our way over to the buffet for substantial breakfast.

2.  Jake, Ed, and I said, "Later" to Mike, who headed home to Yakima, and we headed toward Kellogg, with an early stop at the Country Mercantile store.  Man.  Jake bought a bag of black licorice pieces and shared some with me and, no kidding, I couldn't remember ever eating such tasty and satisfying licorice.

3,  My bad luck at the Wildhorse Casino meant I was in bed early so I got good sleep, but, I'd been traveling quite a bit by the time I returned to Mom's and got more sleep in the afternoon and went to bed early in the evening.

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