Friday, January 2, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 01/01/15: Hello Travis, Mom's Coup Continues, Winter at Mom's

1.  During the Oregon/Florida State football game, I shared a few text messages with Linda and she was at a party in Eugene also attended by Travis, a student of mine several around ten years ago -- or more.  I immediately remembered Travis.  He was a really good guy, an excellent student, and a dedicated and talented musician.  Linda told him hello for me and I think I enjoyed having that moment of contact with Travis more than even the Ducks' convincing win.

2.  Mom's coup de cuisine continued this evening.  She hijacked the jars of oysters, butter, half and half, evaporated milk, and butter and made her, Paul, and me a quick and delicious,  comfortably warming oyster stew.  I was allowed to make a salad and get the saltines out of the cupboard.

3.  I'm slowly starting to take some pictures in Kellogg and continuing to become better acquainted with my Pentax Q -- a camera I've owned now for nearly a year, but that I've been slow to feel comfortable with.  (Our relationship is improving....)   Here are four pictures from Mom's house:

Mom's House

Mom's Back Yard

Looking Out Mom's Picture Window

Looking Out Mom's TV Room

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