Saturday, January 24, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 01/23/15: Mom's Morning Report, Last Things, Sendoff at Legends and the Ramada Inn

1.  Mom woke up with two shiners, a bruise on her forehead, and another on the crown of her nose, but she slept beautifully despite her fall and didn't have any new aches and pains to report.  Her Thursday evening fall was frightening, but, all things considered, she came out of it pretty well.

2.  Since today was my last day in Kellogg, Mom made sure she I did a handful of things before I left:  go to the vision center to order a new lens, get groceries at Stien's; buy more at Yoke's; pick up fat free half and half and Dentyne gum at WalMart; pick up a variety of things at Tru Value.  I got a few last things done around the house and then it was time to go when Ed picked me up and we headed to Liberty Lake.

3.  Jake, Byrdman, Lars, Stu, Ed, Al Calahan, and I met at Legends in Liberty Lake for some burgers and a couple of beers and I was very happy that I got one last chance to see all these guys before heading back to Maryland.  Byrdman drove me to the Ramada Inn at the airport and we had one beer in the lounge and found out Ernie Banks had died and did some looking back upon the 1969 Cubs and how sad it was for Ernie that that team folded in September to the oh so famous Miracle Mets.

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