Friday, January 30, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 01/29/15: Pedometer Facts, Today's Project, Mom's Getting Food

1.  I was eager to hit the streets and trail around Greenbelt Lake today with my new pedometer around my neck (hidden from view, by the way).  I learned that a walk to the lake and one stroll around the circumference is around 5000 steps.  I need to find out, now, how close I come to 10,000 steps if I walk to the lake, do two laps, and walk home.  I'm also eager to find out how many steps it takes to walk to the lake, break off at the path leading to Roosevelt Center and the Co-op Supermarket, and then walking home.  I might have some pretty good options for getting 10,000 steps (or close to it) in.

2.  Today's project:  get the scanner/copier/printer set up.  Tomorrow's project:  get a pack of office paper and find out if today's set up works.  (I also got our material donations to Goodwill and St. Vincent de Paul's itemized.)

3.  I talked to Mom and I'm relieved that Ann, Jane, and Carol and Paul have been supplying her with meals.  She's had plenty to eat since I left and surrendered my position as her chief cook and bottle washer.

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