Thursday, January 29, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 01/28/15: Cold Walk, Pedometer Arrives, Vegetable Soup

1.  I arrived at Greenbelt Lake today and walked in the counter clock wise direction because it is the longer route to the intersection where I leave the lake trail and head to the co-op at Roosevelt Center. It was cold out.  I bundled up with hooded sweatshirt and stocking cap and my winter jacket and enjoyed the bracing feeling of the frigid air and also enjoyed the cloudless sky and the shimmering lake.

2.  I decided to start counting steps on my walks and today my pedometer arrived.  It's a tiny contraption with numerous capabilities and it took me a while and a handful of resets to get things right, but I did and now I can track my walks.  There's a walking website that encourages walking 10,000 steps a day and I'm eager to find out how close my walks to the lake, around, and back home again come to 10,000 steps.  I'm also curious to find out if I'm strong enough to walk this many steps and how long it will take me to build up to this total.

3.  I made good use of the vegetable broth I made the other day by making a vegetable soup.  Really, it was the best broth I've ever made for a soup, ever.  It had a pleasing sweet quality.  I think it's a result of having carmelized the onions before adding the water to the building of the broth.

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