Thursday, January 15, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 01/14/15: Two Home Runs, Like at Tony's, Seeing Juli

1.  From Mom's house, I took a walk east on Cameron, south on Hill, west on the bike trail, turned north to get back to Bunker Ave., returned to Cameron and back to Mom's house.  The most fun part of the walk was stopping at the field where I used to play Little League baseball and remembering a couple of home runs I hit during my twelve year old season and standing on the spot on the trail, which used to be railroad tracks, where those homers sailed.  The field is under snow.  In my mind, I thawed it and replayed those two thrilling moments of my boyhood.

The Fence Used to Be a Wood One

From Right Field, Looking South and West
I'm Standing Where the RR Tracks Used to Be and Where My Home Runs Landed

2.  Mom and I had thawed two steaks a day or two ago and tonight was steak night;  Carol added to our meal by bringing over some pasta she had prepared for a church board meeting at her house and so Mom and I pretended we were eating at Tony's on Lake Coeur d'Alene.  It was a place that featured steak and pasta.

3.  Ed and I decided to go shoot the breeze for an hour or so at Noah's Canteen and, to my delight, I saw Juli there and we exchanged a warm embrace and some good laughs.  For all the history Juli and I share, we never met until the All-Class Reunion in 2010 outside Eddie Joe's and now it's like we've known each other forever.  

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