Friday, January 9, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 01/08/15: More Flickr, Blissful Shave, Intro to Pine Creek Tavern

1.  My project to load my pictures on Flickr continues.  I enjoy this project because I'm not selective. Every picture I'm in possession of goes into these albums, unlike when I post albums on Facebook and am much more selective.  The result is that I see some good things in old pictures I had previously missed and this is fun.  It's also fun to relive walks, many with Russell, others at Greenbelt Lake, and others around the city of Eugene, when I took these many pictures.  I have a lot of pleasure invested in these photographs.

2.  Of all the things to find beauty in, but here goes:  when I came to Kellogg back in early November, I thought I had left a good shaving razor at Mom's.  I hadn't.  I've neglected to buy a replacement and Mom had some disposable Bic blades and I've been using them.  Today, I finally bought myself a Mach III razor and filled up the basement bathroom sink with hot water and, oh my God, experienced the best shave I've had in months.  Yes, the result was a smooth face, but that wasn't the source of pleasure.  No, the source of pleasure was the ease with which the sharp Mach III shaved the bristly hairs off my face, the heat of the water that made this ease more possible, and the absence of scratches, cuts, or red blotches the Bic shavers always gave me.  This rare physical pleasure blissed me out.

3.  Over the last several years, since becoming a part of Facebook, I've read fun accounts of friends, like Jim Etherton, who have lived up Pine Creek, going to the Pine Creek Tavern.  Early in my current visit to Kellogg, I told Ed that I had never been to the Pine Creek Tavern and wondered if we might go in some evening.  Today that evening came and it turned into a spontaneous gathering of a splinter group of the Hall of Fame of Great Guys.  It turns out Stu and Ed talked earlier in the day and Stu drove over the hill from State Line and joined us and then I texted Don (Norm) Knott to see if he could join us on such short notice and we all met in the parking lot at Barney's Harvest Foods, piled into Stu's rig, and made our way south about four miles on Division St. as it turned into Pine Creek Rd. and arrived at the sparkling, friendly Pine Creek Tavern.  I immediately ordered a can of Mountain Fresh Rainier Beer and a bacon cheeseburger, enjoyed swapping tall tales with my lifelong buddies, and loved my food.  If I were to ever live in the Silver Valley, the Pine Creek Tavern would be a place I'd go to regularly:  whoever runs this joint is doing a stellar job.

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