Monday, January 19, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 01/18/15: Rose Lake Breakfast, Seahawk Pandemonium, Ham Soup and Being Introverted

1.  Old friends Jake, Carol, Joni, Wanda, Scott, Ed, Cleve, Susan and I got together at the Rose Lake Restaurant for a hearty breakfast.  Since I'm heading back to Greenbelt on Saturday, my friends wanted at least one more shot at barraging me with kidney transplant jokes (there were not volunteers!) and their fun company.  It was a great time.

2.  Pandemonium broke out at Eddie Joe's tavern with each play that moved the Seahawks closer to their miraculous victory over the Packers and the place rocked with "Another One Bites the Dust" on the jukebox mayhem when the Seahawks triumphed.  An hour or so before the bedlam erupted, I got to have some conversation with Pat Kenyon, telling him, among other things, that I had seen his old buddy Joe Musgrove at the Mad Bomber in Hayden.  It was a lot of fun to hear more about their friendship over thirty years ago.

3.  Mom took the ham bone left over from last night's birthday dinner at Carol's and cooked up a perfect ham and white bean soup and all of us found it not only satisfying, but deeply satisfying.  For me and Christy and Carol, the soup brought back memories of many Sunday dinners in our home. (By the way, as a post-dinner conversation, Paul, Carol, Christy, and I tried to help Mom understand each of our generally introverted nature and that introversion is just fine -- and that many introverted people teach, preach, act, perform, and do other things in front of other people.)  

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