Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 01/13/15: Mom's Shot, Mom's Cords, Mom's Multivitamin Savings

1.  Mom and I went to the pain clinic where she's a patient so she could get a shot to help relive the torment of her sciatica pain.  Our drive over was easy, thank goodness, and Mom got right in, asked all of her questions, and the people working there treated her well.  Now we'll see if the pain, which she told the doctor was 10 on a scale of 1-10, will subside and she'll have relief until her next appointment in March.

2.  Mom bought cords at J. C. Penney (on sale) back in November.  She got them home and they didn't fit right.  Today we went back to J. C. Penney and Mom let the each one of the three people who helped her know that the tag telling her the size wasn't correct.  Mom took three different pairs of pants off the rack, brought two of them to the service desk to lay them out and measure them against the ones that didn't fit.  None of them was right for her.  Then she went to another part of women's wear to look at other pants.  None of them was right.  So, after about a half an hour of comparisons and conversations, Mom surrendered and got a 17 dollar refund on the cords she bought back in November.  Epic.

3.   I'm not sure, but I thought I heard Mom say, "Hell yeah" as she pumped her fist and high fived the checker at the Smelterville WalMart  when she told Mom what a good deal she got with her coupon on Centrum Silver Women's Multivitamins With a Smooth Coating That is Easy to Swallow.

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