Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 01/20/15: Strolling Kellogg, Costco and Lunch, Let's Find a Deal with Mom

1.  Mom needed some business taken care of at Wells Fargo uptown, so I walked up, resuming my walking habit, and took some pictures of things around Kellogg.  Here are three of them:

Kellogg Sky and TownScape as I Leave Mom's House

Teeter's Field: Snow Can't Hide My Failures Here

Kellogg YMCA: The Temple of Fun

2.  For her birthday, I turned a power point series of slides from Mom's cousin Helen's funeral into printed pictures and picked them up at Costco in CdA. Then I seized the opportunity to go out to lunch with Byrdman for a burger and fries and an orange beer at Nosworthy's Hall of Fame.  

3.  Mom wants to see if a TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) unit  might help relieve her pain and so she and I, and then, Paul, and then, Christy, helped her choose one to order and she got a good buy and she's going to give it a try; simultaneously, Mom and I went over all the options for a medical alert system and we are on the cusp of ordering her one, but might be asking some questions of her sales rep before she commits to one and orders it.  Her indecision and caution reminds of what I'm like when I try to decide whether to buy a camera! 

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