Saturday, January 3, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 01/02/15: Packing Up Christmas Decorations, New Riser, Carol Brings Us Dinner

1.  One by one, Mom and I removed the ornaments from the Christmas tree and Mom wrapped each one in tissue, crepe, or newspaper and I removed the garland and the lights and took the tree apart and packed it in its box.  The nativity scene is no longer on the television.  The angels are packed away and Santa and his reindeer along with ornaments are no longer on the kitchen buffet.  There's still some packing to do, but Mom and I succeeded in returning the house to what it looks like all year long -- except at Christmas.

2.  While Mom and I were packing up Christmas decorations, the UPS driver left a box on the porch and it was the new toilet riser!  It's a three inch model, perfect for Mom's high toilet and Mom gave it a test run and declared it perfect.  Christy engineered this purchase by doing extensive toilet riser research and making the order and now life is just a little bit easier for Mom around her house.

3.  Carol stepped into the coup de cuisine fray.  Once again, I did not fix dinner tonight.  Carol brought red lentil curry and naan bread and hummus over to Mom's and, well, I did make basmati rice, and Mom and I enjoyed a splendid meal, made especially delicious by Carol's generosity.

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