Monday, January 12, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 01/11/14: So Long Until Friday, Mom Dozes Off, Talking Heads Concert

1.  As a send off after our visit with Christy and Everett, Mom and I joined Christy and Everett at Sandy's Drive-In in Kettle Falls for a hearty breakfast and more time together until Mom's upcoming birthday weekend.  I could relax and enjoy breakfast largely because the weather was quiet and, with assistance, Mom got safely into the car at Christy's and safely into Sandy's.  There was a little bit of snow and ice to deal with, but, Mom and I conquered it!  I know it was really good for Mom just to be outside long enough to get into the car and the cafe (and later at a rest stop).  She's been shut in ever since the snow started falling about two weeks ago.

2.  The quieting of the weather meant that Mom and I had a safe and clear drive back to Kellogg, a great relief.  Mom was so worry free and relaxed during the drive, she dozed off a few times, a good sign, so much better than when she is tormented by anxiety when a trip like this is snowy or icy.

3.  Much to my surprise and delight, Julie posted a video of a 1980 Talking Heads concert, played in at the Capitol Theater in Passiac, New Jersey.  I haven't watched the whole concert yet, but so far it's given me genealogical pleasure, as if I am looking at Talking Heads family tree and witnessing the beginnings of what will later become their movie, Stop Making Sense.  

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