Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 01/06/15: Baseball Talk, Madeline Dropped By, Green Beans and Bacon

1.  It felt pretty good to get out of the house today.  Rain fell from the slate sky.  The snow is getting slushier and slushier.  Abby was working at Stein's Family Foods and we had a good time talking about Biggio, Pedro, the Big Unit, and Smoltz getting elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame and about Terry's upcoming annual trip to spring training in Arizona.

2. I love it when Mom has a visitor drop by.  It doesn't happen very often -- maybe what I'm saying is that I wish, for her morale, it happened more often -- but, today, Madeline dropped by.  She had seen Jane, Mom's next door neighbor, at Wal Mart, and left the conversation under the impression that Mom was home after just having hip surgery.  It was really funny, when Madeline arrived, and learned that Mom's hip surgery was quite a few years ago!  All the same, Mom and Madeline had a great talk and it was obvious that her visit made Mom very happy.  (By the way, some of you will know who I'm talking about here:  Madeline arrived while Mom was talking with Beverly Pegg on the phone -- another boost to Mom's morale.  [Historical note:  we bought the house I'm sitting in right now in 1962 from Bob and Beverly Pegg....]

3.  Mom decided she wanted to eat the leftover spaghetti for dinner and that she wanted me to fix the fresh green beans I bought a few days ago.  Then she decided she wanted the green beans fixed with bacon.  I immediately consulted Rachel Ray online and got a sense of how to fix green beans and bacon and, thank goodness, I succeeded!  Mom was very happy with her spaghetti and green beans and bacon dinner, complemented by a slice of Stein's Family Foods French bread.

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