Thursday, January 22, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 01/21/15: Relief, New Kellogg, Kitchen Takeover

1.  For the time being, Mom is experiencing relief from pain in her hip, legs, and shin thanks to the shot we was given a week ago.  It means that Mom has become her 84 year old version of the energizer bunny.  She is trying to make up for lost time, but all her activity around the house puts a strain on her back and so she isn't quite the cyclone she's like to be.  I would like to see her pace herself, but that's never been Mom's way and, as I've written before, I cannot impose my will upon my mother, so I do my best to be of help and finish up tasks like laundry and cooking dinner that today Mom had to stop doing because her back was growling at her, telling her to slow down.  Mom's work ethic and devotion to cleanliness and orderliness around the house is admirable, but it can also work against her best interests when it comes to pain relief.

2.  I took another stroll in Kellogg, resuming my obedience to my doctor's orders that I try to walk a half an hour a day.  Now that the hell winds of the North Pole have subsided and Yahweh's snowflakes of wrath have stopped falling, I can get these walks in.  I thought today about old Kellogg (what was here before I left in 1976) and new Kellogg (what's come since).  Here are two pictures I took of new Kellogg:


3.  Mom pulled out an old recipe from Betty Crocker and mixed up a delicious sauce to braise a small pack of boneless pork ribs with and we had some rice and a salad.  I helped out some with this dinner, but mostly it was an impressive result of Mom's kitchen takeover.

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