Friday, January 16, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 01/15/15: I'm a Swiffer Whiffer, Cauliflower for the Win, Zags Got the Yips

1.  Mom ordered a new rug for the TV room.  To prepare for the rug, she asked me clean up the TV room.  Well, first thing, I thought Mom seems to like this thing called a Swiffer, so I got out the Swiffer and swiffed the TV room floor.  Mom asked me if the Swiffer was still clean.  I told her I didn't know and showed it to her.  Uh. Oh.  Turns out I didn't put a Swiffer pad on the Swiffer so I swiffed with the Swiffer wrong.  Mom gave me a Swiffer pad lesson and equipped with a Swiffer pad on my Swiffer I swiffed the TV room.  I came out and reported that the TV room was ready for the rug.

"Did you swiff behind the couch?"

I had whiffed.

I asked, "Does the rug go under the couch?"

"No, but when the rug goes in the TV room we won't be able to clean behind the couch."

I hadn't thought of that.

As I maneuvered the couch out of its tight spot, the power strip cord wrapped around one of the couch legs and suddenly lamp, telephone, computer, and phone charger began a precipitous slide. Thanks to being so nimble, I stopped pulling out the couch in the nick of time and then slowly and laboriously tipped the couch and extracted the cord and saved Mom's house from a shocking crash.

It's a good thing I pulled out the couch and cleaned behind it.

There was a cheerio on the floor.

2.  Recently, Yoke's had a killer sale on cauliflower and during our today's daily "What shall we have for dinner" summit, I suggested that we eat the cauliflower tonight and asked Mom if she'd like some cauliflower soup.  I had found a recipe online.  I didn't tell her that this would be my maiden voyage in the world of making cauliflower soup.  Mom not only said she would, but she told me about ten things she likes in a cauliflower soup.  I uttered a silent prayer of thanks that, aside from onion, the recipe covered all of Mom's desires, and, thank goodness, when the big moment came at dinner for Mom to eat the soup, she enjoyed it, with some enthusiasm.  I now have a new born confidence in the making of cauliflower soup.

3.  It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a basketball team in possession of the yips at the free throw line will always be in want of a win.  Tonight, the Zags had te yips at the free throw line against Pepperdine.  They clanked nineteen of 'em, out of their thirty-three attempts.  Somehow, though, the Zags prevailed and were not in want of a win, but won a nail-biter, 78-76.

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