Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 01/26/15: Quiet, Co-op Walk, Tiny Kitchen BONUS: Rescued Film Project

1.  Students did not attend Prince George's County School District schools today so teachers could calculate and submit grades, so for most of the day the Deke and I were together in the quiet of our apartment home, each being our introverted selves, doing our own tasks, keeping things quiet by talking only on occasion, enjoying one another's company.  I'm getting back into the routines of life in Greenbelt.

2.  We needed a few groceries and the sleety weather didn't seem that uncomfortable, so I put on my coat, gloves, and stocking cap and set out for the co-op, about a mile and a half away.  I was right.  I was never uncomfortable.  I didn't get very wet.  The walk was invigorating both ways and the shoppers at the co-op were mostly people ten to twenty years older than I am and for a few minutes I thought I was back at Yoke's in Kellogg.

3.  The kitchen in our quiet apartment home is tiny.  I enjoy the challenge of working with limited counter space and not being able to stock up on scores of food items.  I had fun making ratatouille and letting it simmer much of the afternoon -- and it turned out really tasty -- and after dinner I spent about four hours or so making vegetable stock/broth for future soups or to cook rice in.  I think the last time I made vegetable stock/broth was during the last century.  I see myself enjoying getting back into the swing of this, saving vegetable clippings and ends and keeping a supply of always on hand.

BONUS:  On Facebook, Julie posted a video looking at the successful efforts of the Rescued Film Project to develop thirty-one rolls of film a soldier had taken during WWII and never developed himself.  You can view this ten minute video looking at the developing process and some of the pictures themselves, here.   If the fascinating project of rescuing and developing undeveloped rolls of film interests you, go visit the Rescued Film Project website and archive, here.

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