Thursday, October 1, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 09/30/15: Short Marriages, Oh Yeah! I Store Those, Chill Zone

1.  It made my application for Social Security benefits simpler that neither of my first two marriages lasted more than ten years.

2.  Anxiety struck when I couldn't remember what I did with the blood draw order from my nephrologist. Then I remembered.  I scan and electronically store all my kidney transplant business. I checked my kidney transplant folder and the order was there. I'm set for Monday.

3.  On the spur of the moment, the Deke and I decided to pick up a chicken and some bread and some Flying Dog Truth Imperial IPA and head over to Molly and Hiram's for dinner. If I were about thirty years younger, I'd say the evening was chill. How so? Content children, relaxed adults, easy food, and a bottle of delicious beer.

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