Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 10/13/15: And There Was Light, Hung Phat Shopping Spree, Cousins at Play

1. At 8:15, Jens popped a new headlight bulb into the Sube the second I arrived, unannounced, at the Sunoco station.

2. It had been several months since I drove to Wheaton to visit my favorite Asian grocery market, Hung Phat, and today I dropped in the tiny store jam-packed with products and bought three containers of curry paste, six cans of coconut milk, Siracha, a bottle of fish sauce, a jar of pickled ginger, and a can of pomegranate soda. With the days cooling off and shortening, it's the perfect time to get back to making curried dinners -- and, of course, this means eggplant, my favorite of all foods to curry.

3.  Friends made the Diazes a lasagna and the Deke and I accepted Molly's invitation to join them for dinner where their house rang with the sounds of cousins Jack, Olivia, and David having fun together.

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