Saturday, October 17, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 10/16/15: Slow Morning, You Know What's Weird?, Talking Over IPAs

1.  No rush.  Just the way I like it.  Teachers in Prince George's County did not report today, so we took our sweet time waking up, drinking coffee, straightening up our apartment home, getting packed, rounding up the dogs, and heading over to the Diazes to pick up Jack and begin our drive to Nyack.

2. Yes, there was a slowdown in Newark, but, otherwise, the drive to Nyack was perfect.  Jack slept a lot and when he was awake he and the Deke and I played "You know what's weird?" and Jack rattled off a long string of things that fly out when he opens his trunk -- helicopters, monster trucks, etc.  He began each description asking, "You know what's weird (or really weird)?" and we answered every bizarre thing he told us with, "That's weird" and Jack laughed and laughed every time.

3.  The Deke, Jack, and I met Adrienne and Alex at Nanuet's superb tap house, Growler and Gill.  I enjoyed three shorties (small glasses of beer): Stone's Enjoy by 10-31-15, Ommegang's Nirvana IPA, and Troegs Hop Knife IPA. The five of us shared a little pizza, a hummus plate, fries, and chicken wings and enjoyed lively conversation about everything from Michigan Wolverine football to the challenges Alex faces as a Presbyterian pastor.

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