Sunday, October 4, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 10/03/15: Diazes and the Free Couch, An Hour at Quench, Perfect Pork Roast

1. The man who lives in the apartment home across from ours got a new couch and offered us his used couch free of charge. The Deke knew Molly and Hiram want a couch and we accepted his offer. Mac the Mover came over today and delivered the couch to the Diaz house and Molly and Hiram love it.  It fits perfectly in their t.v. room and is so long their whole family can sit on it. If I were about thirty or forty years younger, I'd write like a youngster and say, SCORE! or FOR THE WIN!

2. While the Deke played with Olivia at the home school table, I slipped over to the Quench Tap Room for a terrific glass of Oak Aged Nanticoke Imperial IPA, a piney and citrusy hop hurricane and enjoyed a sampler of Flying Dog's The Fear, a sweet and boozy Imperial Pumpkin Porter. It was a relaxing and comtemplative sixty minutes bellied up to the plank.

3. Molly fixed a pork roast that was seasoned perfectly, biting overtones of cayenne pepper balanced with oregano and thyme along with salt and pepper and a few other spices and herbs. It was almost as if we were all having a celebration dinner, welcoming the new couch into the Diaz home!

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