Saturday, October 10, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 10/09/15: In Search of a Breakfast Spot, Sole Limos, Sweet Heat

1. I decided to give Champions Grill in Beltsville a try this morning.  I have not found a go to spot for breakfast in the immediate Greenbelt/Beltsville/College Park vicinity, and, sorry to say, I still haven't. Aside from the cheap wheat bread used for toast, the leathery over medium fried eggs, the styrofoam plate, the tiny flimsy plastic fork and knife, the carelessly brewed coffee I served myself in a styrofoam cup, Champions Grill was pretty good.  The home fries were fresh and tasty and I enjoyed my sausage patty.  I liked that a copy of The Washington Post was available. But, I won't be back. Champions is not my go to breakfast spot.  It's good to know. (Confession:  If I were one of those rich guys with a private jet, I'd fly to Cd'A, also known as Breakfast Town, about once a week for some morning chow.)

2.  I call the new 10 buck pair of slippers I bought at Costco today limousines for my feet.

3. Remember eggplant? I bought a package of half or dozen or so small eggplants at Costco -- a bag of green beans, too.  The eggplant and beans, along with zucchini, onion, and red and orange peppers provided the foundation for the red curry I cooked up late this afternoon. For me, what made this curry taste so good was not only the paste, not only the fish sauce, not only the soy sauce, not only the coconut milk, not only the fresh basil and not only the red pepper flakes.  No. It was the brown sugar.  The curry had heat and it was sweet.  That's how I like it.

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