Monday, October 26, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 10/25/15: Montana in My Mind, Planning for the Weekend, Right! Mom's is Close By

1. I began this slow day of thinking, writing, filing, and planning by composing a piece, in fulfillment of Sibling Assignment #170, about the metaphysical Montana that lives in my mind, which is also a short rumination on the West we left behind when we moved to Maryland.  You can read it, here.

2. It's going to be a family weekend over Halloween and so I began reading recipes and planning food for the weekend. The Diaz house will be family get together central and so I volunteered to cook up a storm to help out. I'll work on it all week, shopping, cooking, freezing, storing -- having a blast.

3.  When we met Sarah and Brian at Atlas Brew Works yesterday, they had just been to the Mom's Organic Grocery on New York Avenue and today I re-discovered that Mom's has a store just ten minutes away on Rhode Island Avenue, near REI and not far from the Route 1/I-495 interchange. I have never checked out that store, even though when I was at REI last spring, I made a mental note to do so. I will be checking it out soon.

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