Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 10/27/15: Stroll Around Greenbelt Lake, Mom's Brings Back 1984, Good Talking to Tim

1. I got in over 9000 steps today, mostly from my walk around Greenbelt Lake under grey skies. Cloud cover meant no shadows to play with, but the light was -- what's that word all the photographers use?--diffuse.  That's it.  Diffuse. Here are some pictures I took.  I can't believe I can walk to this place in ten minutes from our apartment home:

2.  I am fixing a bunch of food for the family blowout this coming weekend and after a successful trip to Costco, I did my first full on shopping trip at the Oasis grocery store-like Mom's Organic Grocery in College Park.  It brought back memories of when I moved into an apartment by myself on West Broadway in Eugene in 1984 and didn't have a car and how I shopped at the Kiva or at the New Frontier Market and figured out ways to make delicious meatless meals that were inexpensive and helped me live within the meager means of my Graduate Teaching Fellow stipend.

3. I had a good talk with Tim O'Reilly (KHS, Class of '72) on the telephone this evening.  We're hoping to get together and do something fun after the holidays.  Tim sounded really good and I'll be carrying greetings from him to Kellogg when I go out there next week.

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