Friday, October 9, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 10/08/15: *Phantom Menace*, Kidneys Holding Steady, Mean Pasta Sauce

1.  I had checked out Phantom Menace from the library and realized it was overdue and so I watched it, for the first time,  late this morning and into the early afternoon. The movie grew on me as it moved along and by the time I finished it and as the day passed, it wouldn't leave my mind. I'm going to withhold any strong response to this movie until I've seen the two that follow it and see what groundwork this movie laid for the next two.

2. I had blood work done on Monday and the results came into my email box this morning and my numbers look good -- well, by good I mean that they are much the same as they were in the spring and this is what I want: my damaged kidneys holding steady.

3. Molly not only cooks a mean pork roast, roasts a mean chicken, and fries up mean burgers, she also makes a mean pasta sauce and the Deke and I got to enjoy her mean sauce this evening when we ate dinner with Molly, Hiram, and the children.

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