Thursday, October 15, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 10/14/15: Sligo Creek Bridges, Happy Grandchildren, Cartological Review

1.  I drove over to Takoma Park, parked the Sube in the parking lot at Sligo Parkway and Houston Ave. and made my first foray into the beauty of Sligo Park. The main trail of Sligo Park covers 9-10 miles from Wheaton to West Hyattsville. I walked about two miles or so out from the car and the two miles back.  One of the park's features is all the bridges that accommodate the trail criss-crossing Sligo Creek.  I focused much of my picture taking on these bridges:

2.  Hiram was teaching some euphonium lessons until after 7 p.m., and with Jack visiting and with a new baby in the house, Molly asked the Deke and me to come over and give her a hand. I packed up the chicken soup I made before going to bed on Tuesday night along with some sparkling water, oatmeal stout, a baguette, and shredded cabbage, picked up the Deke from school, and we spent a few hours with Molly and the children.  The children were great.  Ana slept a lot.  Jack, David, and Olivia played and played and played, interrupted only by taking time for dinner, and, when we left, they were having their first electronic experience of the day, watching a television show.  All day it was legos, toy trains, coloring, stomping around down at Paint Branch Creek with Hiram, and all kinds of other activity and no computer, I Pad, television or other electronic devices until it came time to end their day.  I sure enjoy how much these young cousins enjoy each other.

3.  While the children were playing, I got on the Diaz computer and reviewed my day cartologically. I went to google maps and reviewed the routes I drove to and from Sligo Creek Park and continued my ongoing project of understanding the routes the loopy roads here in Prince George's and Montgomery County take.  I'm working to become conversant with the multiple state highway routes that also go by street names and seeing how much I can learn about the Greater Greenbelt-Beltsville-College Park-Adelph-Takoma Park-Silver Spring-Wheaton-Etc. area.  Oh!  And Bethesda, too!  This is really fun for me.  I was not blessed with a strong sense of direction, so working back and forth between driving places, reviewing what I've done, and studying the larger area within which I have made an outing helps me know more and more more familiar with where I live.

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