Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 10/20/15: Massaman Prep, David Sleeps, Radio On

1. Today at Costco, among a few other things, I purchased a couple of whole chickens, some fresh green beans, and cremini mushrooms in anticipation of cooking up some massaman curry in the near future.

2. Molly took Olivia (and Ana) to Olivia's first Girl Scouts meeting in D.C. NW and Hiram played at a gig, so the Deke and I went over to the Diazes to look after David. David sat on the couch next to the Deke, was reading a book, fell asleep, and made looking after him very easy since he didn't wake up until Molly arrived back home again.

3. My Whitworth roommate, Rocket, and I reminisced a bit today about Spokane radio during the time we went to Whitworth and lived in Spokane -- it was fun thinking about all those pop hits on Q-FM and the album oriented playlists of KREM-FM and the Sunshine Shelly days of KJRB-AM.  It's fun remembering how much those radio stations meant to me. And how much I enjoyed it when Whitworth's own station, KWRS-FM was resurrected in 1977 and the Rocket himself was on the air.

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