Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 10/12/15: Passengers First, Kidneys Are Rock Steady, Jack Gets a Treat

1. This morning's bus driver on her bus phone: "Well, if I'm leaking transmission fuel, I'm still gonna get these people to Greenbelt Station because they gotta go to work. I'm literally only a couple of minutes away."  And so she did.  Our MetroBus driver got us to Greenbelt Station and if her supervisor told her to hold the bus at some spot on the road before the station, she disobeyed.

2.  I had read the report of my blood work before I met my appointment with Dr. Malik, my nephrologist, today and he confirmed what I knew to be true:  my numbers are holding steady. There's been no decline in the last four months. My blood pressure was golden. Instead of having me back in four months, he's going to see me in six months. We talked about my recent weight gain -- about seven or eight pounds -- and that it would be smart for me to work on taking off those pounds.

3. The Deke drove back to Greenbelt from New Jersey today with a surprise passenger.  Jack is going to spend the week with his cousins and his Aunt Molly and Uncle Hiram.  He's stoked. To say the least!

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