Friday, October 30, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 10/29/15: Fixing the Green Curry Soup, Stroganoff Variety, Shakespeare Stout and Rhododendrons

1.  I'm just not entirely happy with the recipe I followed to make green curry soup and so I think I'll turn it into something else, either a different soup or something else. The key?  I will be buying eggplant.  Eggplant will rescue this dish.  (So will green beans!)

2.  I'm hoping the cashew tofu mushroom stroganoff I made today will be tasty on Saturday and I think the beef stroganoff will be pretty good, especially once the sour cream goes in just before we eat it -- probably when our grandchildren are done trick or treating.

3.  Splitting a bomber of Rogue's Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout with the Deke this evening transported me back in memory to that night in the spring of 1997 when one of my students and I were drinking some Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout at Rita's house and we had a friendly disagreement about whether rhododendrons have a fragrance and so we hopped into my pickup and drove a short distance to Hendricks Park to check it out. We arrived and a cop was patrolling the park and suddenly we realized the park was closed, so we backed out of the parking lot and were leaving when the cop pulled us over.  "Mr. Woolum!"  "Ted!" The officer was my former student, Ted Williams. A few years back, we'd enjoyed working together a lot in WR 121 (or 122). "You know the park is closed, right?"  "We realized that right after we got here.  You see we had this friendly argument...." "Okay. Well, in the future, try to keep better track of time.  And keep up the good work!"  "You, too, Ted."

He didn't say anything about the two empty Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout bottles in the bed of the pickup.

Thank goodness we weren't drinking in the pickup.

Thank goodness I wasn't intoxicated.

The student and I never settled our disagreement.

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