Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 10/06/15: Hiking at Rock Creek Park, Leaves and Berries, Where's the Potting Soil?

1. Ever since moving to the Washington, D. C. area, I've read about Rock Creek Park. It's a large forest in Northwest D. C., run by the National Park Service.  I drove over to Rock Creek Park today and hiked a trail up to the site of Fort DeRussy, back down, and then strolled for a while on the trail along the creek.

2.  Leaves were barely changing color in Rock Creek Park, but, all the same, the leaves were various in their shapes, stages of life and death, and proximity to other parts of their trees or bushes.  So, I spent much of my hike taking pictures of leaves and berries.

3.  The Deke wanted some potting soil for a project she's working on with her students and I went to three different places in the Beltway Plaza Mall looking for potting soil and came up empty.  I was prepared to go back out into the world after dinner and find potting soil elsewhere, but upon hearing me tell her of my potting soil failures, the Deke decided she'd figure out other ways to make the project work without potting soil.  Yes!

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