Friday, November 4, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 10/03/16: Lazy Dog Corrects Error, Clay Tour, Beer Run

1.  That quick brown fox jumped over this lazy dog again this morning, although I did double check our auto rent pay account, discovered an error I had made, fixed it, and strolled over to the leasing office to double check that if our rent was paid on the 4th, it was no problem.  It's no problem.

2. I toured Michael's, Target, and JoAnn's, from Laurel on Rt. 1 all the way back to Greenbelt Road (Rt. 193) searching for air-dry clay for the Deke to take to school so her students can make clay huskies. In the end, after a swing and miss or two, I succeeded.

3. Quench had an excellent tap list, so it was a good time late this afternoon to sit with the Deke and try three samplers, one English Strong Ale and two Double IPAs, before traveling back to Blair Blvd. in Eugene and having a glass of Ninkasi's Beer Run IPA.  In my imagination, I enjoyed hanging out in the Whiteaker neighborhood again.

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