Saturday, November 19, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 11/18/16: Mom's Cardiologist Visit, Birthday Dinner, The Show -- and Memories

1. Christy, Mom, and I jumped into Mom's Malibu and swooshed to Cd'A for Mom's appointment with the cardiologist. The doctor emphasized how weak Mom's heart has become -- another echocardiogram to come in December -- and outlined some invasive and aggressive measures she could undergo, but recommended against them because of Mom's age. I agreed with him within myself and Mom agreed out loud. At this stage in her life, Mom is ready to let nature take its course, aside from continuing to treat her heart disease with medicine, as she has been doing.

(By the way, one bonus: going against the grain of being my usual self, I figured out how to change the clock in Mom's car, turning the time back an hour, and figured out, for the time being, why the back door on the passenger side of the Malibu wasn't opening. That I succeeded at figuring out these two things might have shocked Mom out of arrhythma and added precious time to her life.)

2. To celebrate Paul's birthday, Mom, Christy, Everett, Carol, Paul, and our friend Tina got together at Best Shots for an early dinner and had a fun time getting some facts straight about this and that, making smart alec remarks to each other, and helping Paul relax before he left to get ready to perform at the Sixth Street Melodrama.

3. After dinner, I drove Mom home, made sure things were in order, and then Christy and I drove to Wallace to see Paul perform in The Complete Works of Shakespeare Abridged, a rollicking stage show, featuring sight gags, slapstick, and silly wordplay. It's a play originally written and performed by The Reduced Shakespeare Company.  The performance triggered happy memories from the 1990s, not only of having seen this show in Eugene, but of the fun I had when I took improv classes at LCC and also worked on writing for and performing in comedy sketches, directed by Sparky Roberts, for different audiences around Eugene.

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