Sunday, November 13, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 11/12/16: Bloggin' with Pandora, Relaxing Day, Steak Heaven

1.  I was up early and, so as not to disturb Jake, I silently gathered my laptop and phone, got dressed, and slipped down to the Wildhorse Hotel lobby and grabbed myself the first of many complimentary cups of Wildhorse premium coffee, found a comfortable chair, put on the B-52s Pandora station and blogged away and read articles online about life in 2016.

2. After breakfast, I cleaned up and went to the casino's sports bar for a Bloody Mary and soon Jake joined me and we had a few beers and got the world figured out and after a while I went back to our room and got online to research travel costs in March in preparation for a Wildhorse summit with Mike and Ed to discuss when they might come out to the D.C. area for a visit and some roaming around.

3. Until this evening, I hadn't had a steak dinner out since a year ago when I ate one right here in the fine dining restaurant of the Wildhorse, the Plateau.  So, tonight, Jake and Mike and Ed and I returned to the Plateau and I relishedl, first, a superb Greek salad and, then, my 10 oz. Pendleton Whisky Steak, a pepper-crusted New York strip served with sauteed vegetables and velvety mashed potatoes.  I didn't take one bite for granted. I just beamed and occasionally groaned with pleasure.

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