Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 11/15/16: Superb Hospital Visit, Mom Shops at Stein's, Keeping Mom at Home

1.  Without a hitch, Mom eased herself into her Malibu and we blasted up to the Shoshone Medical Center where Mom had some routine cleaning and care performed on her wound. When Mom walked into the nursing station area, the staff cheered her arrival with clapping and huge smiles and greetings, happy to see her on her feet and doing so much better than a month ago.  The procedure to unwrap, clean up, treat, and rewrap her wound took about an hour and I was happy to see the meticulous and cheerful care the staff gave Mom.

2. After her session at the hospital, Mom and I buzzed over to Stein's so Mom could do some walking and we could pick up a few groceries. At the store, Mom uses the shopping cart as her walker and she got in many steps as we perused the produce section and the meat counter and strolled up and down a few aisles. We also bought enough groceries to complete Christy's free turkey punch card, so, when Pepper, our checker, said, "You can go get your turkey",  I sprinted to the back of the store, grabbed our Thanksgiving bird, and Mom and I left the store, piled back into the Malibu, and returned home.

3.  It was Carol's turn to fix dinner tonight and she and Paul brought Swedish meatballs covered in sherry gravy served over noodles to the house and the four of us sat at the kitchen table and enjoyed a delicious and most satisfying meal together.

Christy and Carol are so good to Mom. Not only does Carol come to Mom's house every morning to help Mom get her day started and not only does Christy help Mom with a wide variety of things during the day and in the evening, nightly, one of them fixes her dinner and eats with her so Mom is not only eating really good food, she also has company for dinner.  As a bonus, once a week there's a family dinner when Mom gets to eat with everyone.  I enjoy being on the dinner preparation schedule and am happy that things in my life are such that I can spend somewhat extended amounts of time here in Kellogg two or three times a year and help out with the things Mom needs in order to continue to live at home.

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