Monday, November 14, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 11/13/16: Leon Russell and Bloggin, Strange and Wonderful, Mom Leaves the House

1. I rose out of bed at 4:30 a.m. and slipped into my clothes and out the hotel room door with my laptop and phone down to the lobby, poured myself a paper cup of the Wildhorse Casino's executive blend of complimentary coffee, found a comfortable chair in the hotel lobby, fired up Pandora with the Leon Russell station, heard tunes by Leon Russell, the Allman Brothers, the Marshall Tucker Band, The Band, Joe Cocker, and others, and blogged away.  Along with 3 Beautiful Things, I also fulfilled Sibling Assignment #185, an attempt to come to grips with how heat is to cooking what light is to photography. If you'd like, you can read it here.

2.  I had strange and wonderful experience today. On the ride back to North Idaho, I was daydreaming, thinking back to days in Eugene and remembering Deb, a dear friend whom I hadn't seen or contacted or heard from since 1988. A little later, I checked my Facebook account and, to my great delight, a friend request appeared from Deb and, after I accepted her request, Deb dropped me a quick message and I responded. I hope this means we'll be back in touch again and have a chance to catch up on what's happened in our lives over the last nearly thirty years.

3.  Back in Kellogg, I continued in my training to become a part of Mom's support. Christy and I helped Mom leave the house for the first time since she left the hospital.  She did pretty well getting into the car and over to Carol and Paul's for a delicious pork tenderloin dinner and did pretty well getting back into her house when we returned. It's nerve wracking. Mom is able to walk with the help of her walker, but the stairs and the getting in and out of the car is difficult. I hope we can get out again on Monday -- maybe go to the store -- so that Mom can get some exercise to stimulate the blood circulation in her legs.

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