Friday, November 18, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 11/17/16: Gnocchis in the Future, Mom's Healing, The Roberts Grill Steaks

1.  I had been quite a while since I'd seen Rosie Rinaldi.  She stopped by Mom's today and gave Mom a jar of blueback fish in a jar and by the end of her visit we all had a good discussion of gnocchi and knodel. This talk grew out of an earlier discussion Mom and I had about pierogis.  In a moment of rashness and, no doubt, overconfidence, I volunteered to whip up some gnocchi -- which I've never done.

2. Home nurse Teresa came in today and changed the wrap on Mom's wound and it continues to heal and the afflicted area isn't painful. This is great news on both counts.

3. Carol and Paul brought Mom and me dinner tonight. It was unreal. Paul grilled petite sirloin steaks. Carol prepared them with a huckleberry rub and the huckleberry presence was subtle. We also enjoyed baked potatoes, green beans, and a fruit salad.

(Note about last night's dinner: For lunch, I warmed up Wednesday night's scallop, bacon, zucchini, tomato, and rice dish and I didn't think the green onions overpowered the dish at all after it had rested overnight.  I enjoyed it a lot more today than I did last night.)

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