Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 11/22/16: Checkup, Wound Treatment, Million Dollar Spaghetti

1. Mom and I got all situated in the Malibu and buzzed up to the clinic for Mom's appointment with Dr. Jara McDonald, Mom's primary care physician. Dr. McDonald hadn't seen Mom since she'd been in the hospital and so reviewed what had happened and talked with her more about the seriousness of her heart disease and of the insidious ways edema can worsen and why taking a diuretic is so important.

2. A few hours later, Mom and I again piled into the Malibu and whisked up to the Shoshone Medical Center so Mom could have debris removed from her wound and have it dressed and wrapped. The staff were all very happy with the progress of the wound's healing and decided that she doesn't need to come up to the hospital once a week any longer, that it will be sufficient for the Loving Care home nurses to treat the wound and let the hospital staff know if any problems develop.

(By the way, in a brief conversation with Tina, the billing and insurance pro, I learned that the problems I reported earlier have been rectified.)

3.  Million Dollar Spaghetti is similar to baked ziti, similar to lasagne, and is a tasty baked pasta dish. Until tonight, I'd never eaten it before. It was Christy's turn to fix dinner and I loved this dish as well as the cheese bread and green salad we had along side it. Christy also made her first ever bread pudding for dessert and it was awesome.

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