Thursday, November 3, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 11/02/16: Lazy Dog, David's Birthday, MOM UPDATE

1. Today the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog and I was that dog.

2.  I managed to rouse myself to drive to the Co-op and pick up some items for David Diaz's birthday party and pick up the Deke at work and we joined in the festivities at the Diazes for a great dinner.  For his birthday, David increased his Lego holdings and was very happy about it:

3.  MOM UPDATE: The hospital staff met today to discuss Mom's progress. The wound continues to slowly heal and the swelling in her legs and ankles from edema is coming down.  She will stay in the hospital for another week, at least, to continue her rehabilitation and to build more endurance. As you can see from this picture, taken Wednesday, Nov. 2,  she's looking good:

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