Sunday, November 20, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 11/19/16: Nurse's Visit, Benefit for Wendi, Commendation on My Record

1. Kim, a home nurse, came to the house and changed Mom's bandages and checked out her wound. It continues to heal and Kim was happy with Mom's progress.

2. The Kellogg Elks was packed with people out for a spaghetti dinner and auction in support of Wendi Lewis to help her pay the medical bills that have piled up because of treatment for cancer. I saw people I've known forever and had several great conversations. The outpouring of support for Wendi was Kellogg at its best.

3. I went across the street from the Elks Club and went to the Inland Lounge, a joint that's been uptown forever and is now under the proprietorship of Bob Casady, a guy I've known since grade school and worked with in the Zinc Plant. Bob and I have had a laugh going on since 1973 when the head of the Zinc Plant came to the cell room lunch room to thank me for volunteering to work on Easter Sunday and told me I would receive a commendation on my record. Bob and I resurrected that laugh tonight and Bob wondered if I might pay him for all the therapy he's needed because he never had the head of Zinc Plant single him out in the lunch room and promise him a commendation on his record.

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