Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 11/07/16: MOM UPDATE, Checkup for the Dogs, Chicken Stew and Gridlock

1. MOM UPDATE:  Mom will be back home from the hospital on Tuesday, November 8.  Today, her Occupational Therapist did a home visit with Mom and Christy and declared her house ready for Mom to be back in again. I'll arrive in Kellogg on Thursday and start learning how to help Mom out. The main emphasis will be on keeping her moving.  She's walked the halls of the hospital, with her walker, while staying there, a big help to her recovery, and we'll all work together to create things to do and places to go to help her get out and walk. I readily admit that I can be overly cautious -- Mom's falls have bothered me a lot -- and so I'll have an open mind and listen hard so I can learn what to do to give Mom the encouragement she needs to get proper exercise -- and not risk injury.  I'm hoping she'll have some ideas about things she'd like to do, too.  I'm a lousy boss -- but I'll work on it if I need to be bossy sometimes.

2.  After dropping the Deke off at work, I picked up Maggie and Charly at the Diazes and took them in for a six month check up and to have their nails clipped. When I picked them up on the afternoon, all was well. Maggie was born in 2004 and Charly in 2006 and they are chugging along very well.

3. I assembled the necessary ingredients to make Tuscan Chicken Stew, but my day was so broken up with errands that I didn't finish making the stew until after 6 p.m. Originally, this stew was going to be our dinner at the Diazes this evening, but now we'll have the stew for dinner on Tuesday night.  Traffic jams at the dreaded intersection of Cherry Hill Road and Route 1 (Baltimore Ave.) in College Park didn't help matters! Ha!

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