Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 11/21/16: Insurance Puzzle, Errands for Mom, Spare Ribs

1. Back at the end of July, I had blood drawn at the Shoshone Medical Center and gave the people there my insurance information and, as the months have gone by, that bill has resided in a black hole of insurance claim absurdity. I won't go into the tedious details. Very little money is at stake here, but I want to make sure things are working between the medical center and my insurance vendor since I am in Kellogg often, need to have blood drawn on occasion here, and want things to go smoothly if I have a medical problem.

With good cheer and calmly, I talked with Tina today and she seemed astonished that so much had gone wrong with this one little claim and went to work looking into it. I was grateful to be dealing with a good person face-to-face rather than making yet another phone call and talking to an unknown person in an unknown place at an unknown billing center somewhere in the USA.

Mom has an appointment at the medical center on Tuesday, the 22nd, so I'll check in with Tina and see if things are getting straightened out.

2. After talking with Tina at the Shoshone Medical Center, I toured the Silver Valley:  recycled Mom's papers and plastic bottles, paid her Visa bill at the bank uptown, paid her property tax bill at the court house in Wallace, and bought a few groceries at Stein's.

3. The spare ribs Carol brought over to Mom's for dinner were tender and juicy with a tasty sauce on them.

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