Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 11/01/16: Good Vibes, Curry Repair, Intro to Burton Baton

1.  I stocked up on some foodstuffs at MOM's Organic Market and soaked in the always reliably friendly vibe of this store.

2. I returned home and got a green curry going and it was way too peppery hot. So, I dumped a couple of cans of chicken stock in to settle it down -- and it was still too peppery hot. I went to the Co-op in search of a can or two of coconut milk, but they didn't have any. I'd read that adding meat to a too peppery hot curry can help tame it, so I bought an already cooked whole chicken and came home and put about half the chicken in the curry. This helped a lot. So did a little more brown sugar and more lime juice.  I also bought Greek yogurt if either of us wanted it as a coolant. The Deke and I could enjoy this curry now, served over basmati rice, and I was happy I went to such lengths to make it enjoyable for us.  Sometimes fixing a dish gone awry is as fun as the pleasure of succeeding right away.  I need to figure out and memorize a ratio of red and green curry paste to coconut milk and try not to make this too peppery hot mistake again. The ratio suggested on the curry paste container has too much fire for us.

3.  At the suggestion of a friend, the Deke and I bought a four-pack of Dogfish Head's Burton Baton, a high alcohol hybrid beer blending Imperial IPA and English strong ale. It's then   aged for a month in oak barrels. It's a very tasty and a very interesting beer as the hoppiness of the IPA and the maltiness of the English strong ale create a balance of sweetness and bitterness and the oak barrel adds a hint of vanilla to the beer's taste. It's a little spendy, but I'm sure we'll go for it again one day and will always hope it pops up on tap some time at one of our favorite tap rooms.

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