Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 11/14/16: The Yoke's and Stein's Ads Crisis, Water Pill Clarity, Rockin' Mom's Kitchen

1. Mom puts her read newspapers in a wastebasket by her chair and the basket overflowed, thanks to the Sunday papers, and I bagged up the newspapers and set them out in the bin on the back porch. Shortly thereafter, Mom wanted to build a grocery shopping list with the help of the Yoke's ad and the Stein's ad. I brought the newspapers I had bagged back into the house, dumped them out, and went through them, looking for the ads Mom wanted. No luck. I bagged the newspapers again and returned them to the back porch bin. Suddenly, a light went on in Mom's mind: "Maybe the ads are in that stack of papers on the table at the foot of my bed." I uttered a quick prayer, wanting to the search for the ads to come to a successful end, and PRESTO! -- I found the ads. As a choir of angels filled Mom's living room with a chorus of Hallelujahs, I listened to Mom read the ads aloud, not quite item by item, but close, and jotted down on our shopping list those items she wants from Yoke's and those from Stein's.

2. Kim, a home nurse, changed Mom's wound dressing and thought the area was looking better and was very happy with Mom's blood pressure and heart rate. In the meantime, a nurse from the cardiologist's office in Cd'A called and Mom now has a better plan for when to take her water pill and when not to, based on how much her weight goes up or comes down.  To take or not to take this pill has been a source of consternation, so Mom felt like a great weight came off her shoulders when the nurse gave her such specific instructions.

3. I poured myself a shot of Pendleton whisky over some ice, put on the ear buds and listened to Pandora's Leon Russell station (May Leon Russell Rest in Peace) and did some private old man kitchen dancing to Leon Russell, Joe Cocker, CCR, Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, The Band, Dr. John, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and others as I cooked dinner:  fried cabbage and onion topped with boiled, then fried, baby red potatoes, and cube steak. Mom enjoyed her dinner a lot -- she'd been hungry for cooked cabbage and declared the cube steak to be tender -- and later on the Troxstar messaged me from Salem, MA where he and Adam were watching The Last Waltz at Adam's place.  Musically, everything fit together tonight.  So did the food.

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