Friday, November 11, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 11/10/16: Jude Has A Lot on His Mind, Flying with Podcasts, Back at My Childhood Home

1. At about 7:15, Jude, an Uber driver, drove up in front of our apartment home complex and I piled my pack and suitcase into the back of his Toyota Highlander, jumped in his rig, and we were off to the Baltimore Washington Thurgood Marshall Airport -- and, as a bonus, I learned a new route that I really liked. Jude was a first-rate conversationalist with a lot to say about his love of America, having moved to the USA from the Republic of the Cameroon nearly twenty years ago.  It was a most enjoyable ride.

2.  I can't imagine having a better day of flying from Baltimore to Spokane.  Both the flight to Denver and the flight to Spokane arrived early -- way early, in fact. I had superb podcasts downloaded and listened to latest episode of The Big Listen, here, and then listened to a variety of programs exploring the history of maize, meat allergies related to Alpha Gal, Murray's Cheese in New York City and, possibly, in a Kroger's store near you; I listened to an interview with Lakers' head coach, Luke Walton, an episode on opioid addiction in West Virginia and other parts of Appalachia, an interview with Transparent's Amy Landecker, and an interview with Jane Chung, who told the story of her life being turned upside down after her father was murdered in Salinas, CA. Jane Chung posted the statement she made at her father's murderer's sentencing hearing and you can read it, here.

Byrdman rounded out my day of travel by picking me up at the Spokane Airport and the miles flew by as we discussed the events of the past few days.

3. I arrived at my childhood home in Kellogg, Idaho around 3:30, just as a nurse was putting the last touches on changing the dressing of Mom's wound. The wound is healing up. The nurse's report was very encouraging and then Mom and I fell into conversation, mostly about her stay at the hospital.  We ate leftover spaghetti (thanks to Dawn and Kelly McLees), bread, and salad. Paul and Zoe dropped by and then Mom and I rounded out the evening watching "Who Wants to be a Millionaire", "Jeopardy", and "Wheel of Fortune" and it was time for me to hit the hay.

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